During my master course at the University of Applied Sciences Salzburg I’ve been part of the team which created The Balloon Quest, a sidescroller game in Unity Engine, and the CG Short Candyman, which are both featured in the Showreel of 2013 below.

The Balloon Quest (Game)

The Balloon Quest is a jump’n’run game for PC and Mac and was the central project I worked on throughout the four semesters of my master studies at the University of Applied Sciences Salzburg. I worked on the game from the get-go, including the first game brainstorm sessions, the first prototype and of course until it was released two years later.

The game revolves around the development of two little kids: a boy and his sister with her balloon. They live through adventures together and have to learn how to cooperate as they are diving further and further into their own, lovingly designed fantasy world. The game addresses not only practiced players but the whole family, and is also suitable for a younger target group. The gameplay requires both skills as well as riddle solving abilities and combinatory thinking.

The team included 13 students: one producer, four 3D Artists, four programmers, one programmer coach, two audio artists and one interface/web designer.

Candyman (Short Movie)

Blood, Sweat & Gingerbread is a 7-minute-long full 3D animation short, which we did as a team of 15 students of the Multimediaart Masters Course at the University of Applied Sciences, Salzburg. Our goal was to push our skills and achieve professional quality of both imagery and sound, whilst telling a fun, fantastic story with interesting characters.